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Specialty Bottle Shop Opens In Phoenix

Craig Dziadowicz and Danielle Middlebrook opened Hidden Track Bottle Shop in Phoenix, Arizona, over the summer. Tucked into the lobby of a Downtown high-rise, the boutique store features work by local artists on one wall and emphasizes specialty labels. “We offer unique wine and craft beer that you won’t find in big box outlets and grocery stores,” Middlebrook says. The store’s 320 wine SKUs start at $7.99 a 750-ml. bottle of Casal Garcia Vinho Verde and top out at $112.99 for the 2012 Leonetti Cellar Cabernet Sauvignon. Most wines fall into the $15-to-$25 range. Hidden Track features over 100 beer SKUs, with single bottles and cans starting at $1.49 and six-packs topping out at $14.99. Craft labels include offerings from Tempe, Arizona’s Four Peaks Brewing Co. and San Diego’s Ballast Point Brewing Co. Hidden Track also sells specialty food items, such as Italian pasta, locally made sauces and Spanish chocolate, and creates custom gift baskets. The store hosts twice-weekly tastings and has a wine club for $25 a month for two premium bottles, which recently included the 2012 Head High Pinot Noir and 2012 Neyers Vineyards Chardonnay.

New Retail Outlets In Missouri, New York And Arizona


Oct’s Wine Club

October’s Club Wine Is Here!

When you finally take a break from telling all your Midwest friends and family that this temperature paradise is the reason we live in AZ, come pick up your wine club. Interesting selections this month, and we have long distance travel and experience to thank for it.

First, we have to thank our motherly influence from Wisconsin. We got a phone call from The Craig’s mom. She had just gone to a wine tasting and was talking about wine she’d tried from OR and WA, and how much she’d enjoyed it. We asked what it was, and through our interpretation of her wine dialect, determined that she had tried a Mourvedre. Craig was instantly shocked for a couple of reasons. First, that his mother tried a Mourvedre…and liked it. Second, that she was talking about a single varietal Mourvedre from the Northwest. Not the most common wine coming out of this area. She then went on to inform us that the winemaker was from WI. Needless to say, Craig started making more phone calls, and a couple of months later Anne Hubatch is shipping her wine into AZ! Craig is humbled to tell you that you all have his mother to thank for this month’s red selection. More on what that is in a bit.

Our second thank you rightly belongs to Jules Taylor. Jules is the owner/curator of none other than Jules Taylor Winery from New Zealand. Jules stopped in the shop a few weeks ago and shared her Kiwi personality with us. Not only was she the type of person you meet for the first time and instantly feel like you have known for years, but she also steps outside the box of scripted New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. Double whammy! If you ever get a chance to meet Jules, she will talk your ear off about the LaCrosse/Field Hockey in New Zealand.

And the vino.

Guild Red 2013, lot 10
A great blend of Syrah, Mourvedre, Durif, Grenache, Cinsault, and Counoise out of Columbia Valley, WA. This wine is a cooperative effort from four up-and-coming winemakers in the Northwest. Anne Hubatch owns Helioterra and Whoa Nelly wines (which are on their way to our shop…remember that Mourvedre?) and produces these wines at a wine collective in Portland, OR. Anne and her partner winemakers decided to pool their knowledge and connections to source great fruit and make a wonderful red and white blend. The result is compared to taking four great chefs and having them each make their signature dish for a four course meal.

Jules Taylor Grüner Veltliner 2013
We love some good Austrian Grüner… What?! This is from New Zealand??? Yep, pretty much what happened when we tried this wine. Actually what happened was Jules came in and met with Craig while Danielle was away. Craig tried the wine and immediately negotiated a deal to bring it in for the club… But in a never ending quest to please Danielle, and to be sure she approves of all things wine club, Craig called Jules and arranged for her to meet with Danielle later that day to taste this unique wine together. And – green light! – it worked. Danielle is very pleased to bring you this selection. Damn, The Craig is good… Grüner Veltliner is typically grown in cooler climate terroir, thus the south island Marlborough region presents a great opportunity for Jules to “see if there is life after Sauvignon Blanc.” Apparently there is. When you try this, you might just say it is “grü-vee”.


Danielle & Craig